Remembering and honoring…

Today, as I read stories of gallantry and look at patriotically decorated graves of fallen warriors, I remember the one thing that unites them all: They each took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. As citizens, we give the greatest respect and honor to our fallen by protecting and defending the principles of the Constitution at home. By this, we ensure our fallen heroes did NOT perish in vain.

By Representative Kim Thatcher

I love that many schools are taking time to remember and appreciate veterans. Monday I spoke to Claggett Creek Middle School students about amazing veterans from around the Willamette Valley.
The kids were respectful during the entire program. Talented music students performed several beautiful, patriotic numbers.
The many brave and honorable servicemen and women in attendance made it an extra meaningful event.
I’m wishing I had a picture of all of the vets who attended! It was an honor to be in their presence.

By Representative Kim Thatcher