Rep Thatcher August 2011 Newsletter

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Legislative Update

August 2011


Gov Signs DUII Law
Medication Monitoring
Help for Homeowners
Let’s Go Camping
Town Hall Turnout
Thoughts for Thatcher

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August 18th

Developing Oregon

Alzheimer’s Plan […TeQ==] Salem Meeting […niw==]

August 25th- September 5th
Oregon State Fair […ooxJO]
State Fairgrounds, Salem

"Too Big To Miss"

September 3rd-5th
Chehalem Mountain Winegrowers
4th Annual
Labor Day Weekend Explore, Tour & Taste […D8cSp] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oregon Transparency Website […LVoam]
New 2012 Map for House Dist 25 […waA==]
You Can Make a Difference in the Oregon Legislature […50Pw=]
New Video on Searching for [] Oregon [] Legislation [] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
While the news has been dominated in recent weeks with stories about the federal budget situation, things at the state level are not much better. A year ago in this newsletter […MgA==] I was talking about the recession cutting into the amount of revenue available to pay for state services and year later we are not much better off. The quarterly state revenue forecast will be out in a matter of weeks and I remain somewhat optimistic for a small increase in the amount of tax and lottery funds to run state programs. But I’m not holding my breath.

So far this summer we’ve seen two reports on Oregon’s economic situation and they did not paint a rosy picture. In the Oregon Business Report […state]there was an article on the bad news for small businesses and real estate. It showed Oregon’s economy […aqjag] will continue to grow very slowly from now throughout 2012. There was also an annual study […CM40=] produced by a national research group showing Oregon dropped to 43 out of 50 states in the outlook for our economic future.

A lot is riding on hopes for an economic recovery in our state. For example, if the revenue projections are up, then the legislature can take a look at providing additional money for schools and other critical programs when we go into session in February next year. But there are hundreds of millions of dollars in "what ifs" written into the new state budget. My colleague, State Representative Dennis Richardson talked about these outstanding issues in his latest newsletter […3tNg=].
I will continue to be directly involved in the state budget process. The Co-Speakers of the House have appointed me to serve on the Interim Joint Ways and Means Committee […kelQ=]and named me Vice-Chair of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Services. I will also be the Co-Chair of theInterim Committee on Legislative Audits and Information Management and Technology […kelQ=].
The House Republicans are stillactively seeking input from citizens […gb3Xb]on how to make positive changes to state policies in the 2012 session so please send your thoughts to []

P.S. Included in my monthly newsletter is information about various government programs paid for with your tax dollars that you may want to know more about. See details below.
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New DUII Law Signed by the Governor

This week Governor Kitzhaber signed into law

House Bill 3075 […eMA==] which Rep Thatcher helped write and get passed unanimously by the Oregon Legislature this year.
The new law takes effect next January requiring Oregonians arrested on their first DUII offense to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle as a condition of their diversion agreement with the court.

Click here […SRg==]to learn more about this important public safety measure.
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Why is State Government Monitoring
Your Medications?*

If you’ve had a prescription filled recently at your local pharmacy you may have heard about a new law which requires the pharmacist to
gather information about your medicine and send it to the state. On
June 1st the state started the Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring
Program. It was created by the legislature in 2009. Pharmacies will send details about your prescriptions to a central database at the Oregon Health Authority. Starting this fall, doctors and pharmacists can look at the information. Some advocates say it will improve patient care. Representative Thatcher voted against this new program over concerns about privacy, more government intrusion, and she supports the idea that your health care decisions should be between you and your doctor, not some bureaucracy. Click here to learn more […4Fm04

By Representative Kim Thatcher

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