Rep Thatcher November 2011 Newsletter

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Legislative Update

November 2011


Veterans Parking Spaces
Disabled Veterans LIcense Plates
WWII Memorial
State Flag Fund
Veterans Legislation
Thoughts for Thatcher


Veterans Day 2011 Oregon Events […jlIv_]
Programs for Veterans & Active Duty Military […63Q==]
hirevets […ZMkg=]
Free Veteran’s Career & Benefits Fairs […5hA==] Nov 19th
Clackamas Community College
& Blue Mountain Community College

Hiring Our Heroes […b1Q==]
orvetloan […mBUM=]
ORVET Home Loan Rates […bLg==] Now 3.75%

Oregon Dept of Veterans Affairs […S6wM=]
Oregon Military Dept […gCw==] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
For me, 11/11/11, it not significant for its numerical sequence but rather because it is Veterans Day []and this year there are a many encouraging developments for our veterans and active duty members of the military.
My family has a long tradition of serving our nation

from the Civil War to modern day wars in the Middle East. My father is a veteran as are many of my uncles and cousins.

Friday is a day to not only honor the 340,000 veterans in Oregon and millions more across the US, but to also recognize the sacrifices made by our future veterans and their families.

I’m talking about the men and women currently part of our armed forces around the globe. Many of them
leave the battle lines only to come home to face unemployment lines.

I hope you can take time this Veterans Day to spend a few minutes with a vet or a soldier. Perhaps you have a relative or a friend who has served. Buy them a cup of coffee, shake their hand at church, or just say "thank you".

This month’s newsletter is dedicated to those who have given so much in order for the rest of us to enjoy all the things that make our country great. I’m reminded of a quote from the Elmer Davis, an award winning journalist in World War II:
"This nation will remain the land of
of the free so long as it is the home
of the brave."

On this Veterans Day […LaA==]we should show our appreciation and for the future, renew our commitment to help those who have put themselves in harm’s way so all of us can enjoy freedom and liberty.
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Veterans Parking Spaces

One way to show Veterans our gratitude year round would be with dedicated spaces in parking lots […4zO7W]across the state. That’s the goal of Keizer Vietnam Veteran John Rizzo who served in the Army from 1969-73. "It’s about saying ‘thank you for your service’ on a daily basis and in a visible manner. The Veterans’ Parking sign is a permanent display to make that statement," said Rizzo. Representative Thatcher is working with Rizzo for possible legislation in 2013.

Rizzo started a new program this year called Veteran’s Parking Inc. to provide free parking spaces to veterans at locations around the country for public and private property owners that want to participate. In recent months a dozen spots have been designated including one at Keizer City Hall, the Keizer Renaissance Inn and the Keizer Elks Lodge.

Taxpayer dollars are not being used for these veterans parking spaces, the signs are erected using private donations. The spaces could be used by any veteran with or without a special veterans license plate […WGcM=]issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles from any state. It is interesting to note there are more than 40,000 such plates currently issued in Oregon. Disabled veterans may already be able to use a disabled parking placard to park in spacesset aside for handicapped individuals.

There would not be a fine or other punishment for non-veterans parking in these new spaces because the program uses an honor system. If you would like a veterans parking space at your property or have questions about the program you can go to […WBA==] or contact John Rizzo at 503.851.1819 or [] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Special Plates for Disabled Veterans

Another veteran from Keizer, Norman Cobb, recently had a problem getting the special Disabled Veterans License Plates […voTAI] from the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Department (DMV) so he worked with Representative Thatcher and state officials to fix the problem […nGA==]. Check out Representative Thatcher’s news release […RAg==] about this.

DMV is now adopting new rules […6WzKf]to make it easier for veterans to get these disabled plates. Comments […upAu-]can be submitted by November 21st to the agency by calling 503.986.3171 or click on this link […OAglZ]. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
WWII Memorial

The 2011 Legislature approved formation of the World War II Memorial Task Force [

By Representative Kim Thatcher

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