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Legislative Update

March 2012


CHL Privacy Law Passes
E-Verify Update
DMV Office Changes
Good Government Items
Thoughts for Thatcher

Rep Thatcher

March 20th & 21st

Avamere Court […Jxzvf] at Keizer […Jxzvf]
6 PM
Tuesday March 20th
5210 River Road North
Keizer, OR 97303

Avamere at Newberg […-pD-F]
6 PM
March 21st

730 Foothills Drive
Newberg, OR 97132
Support Oregonians With Disabilities

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in Oregon

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Rep Thatcher
in The News

KATU-TV in Portland
recently aired a series of stories on sex offender laws in Oregon and interviewed Rep Thatcher on some of the bills she is working on.

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Now that the dust is starting to settle from the brief but fast-paced February legislative session I wanted to provide an update on what happened from my perspective. This was the first real annual legislative session in an even-numbered year under the change in Oregon’s constitution approved by voters in 2010. As many predicted the focus would be on making sure the state budget was balanced and it was huge challenge considering new estimates showed there would be $340 million less revenue than earlier expected. Luckily, we did not have to close any prisons or make drastic cuts to other critical state services like school funding or programs for low-income seniors and people with disabilities.

I serve on the legislature’s Joint Ways and Means budget committee and it was not an easy task. To learn more about how the budget turned out click here […ZX0s=] to read more from our Committee Co-Chairman, State Representative Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point).

As you may have seen in the news, there are still a large number of Oregonians without a job […hQw==], many […QiQ==] seeking state services […QiQ==]. That’s why I had hoped this recent legislative session would take significant steps to make our state a better place for the private sector to grow. Sadly, that did not happen and I wrote about this in a recent newspaper commentary. (click here to read more […NcbJm]) One of the measures that did pass, was promoted as a way to improve our economic development policies at the state level. I spoke out against House Bill 4040 […pLQ==] on the House Floor because I felt it was just another mechanism for government intervention into our free market system where all too often we see bureaucrats and politicians picking winners and losers. (click here to see transcript of the floor remarks […G_g==])
There were a few pieces of legislation adopted during the February session you may be interested in and you can click here for a partial list […KG_s=]. One bill followed closely by a young constituent of mine was Senate Bill 1575 […LZQ==] to crack down on protests at funerals. Ryan Ripp, a McNary High School Student, testified in favor of changing state law last year and he learned a valuable civics lesson along the way. (click here to read more […8xTwS])
Each legislator was allowed to introduce two bills in this short session. I was able to get an important measure passed to protect the privacy of Concealed Handgun License holders, but not as successful when it came to enacting the E-verify employment screening program for state agencies. Read below for details on both bills.
In the months ahead I plan to once again reach out to citizens who are interested in our state government to see if there are positive changes we should be working on for the 2013 legislative session.
I encourage you to attend one of my upcoming town halls, March 20th in Keizer or March 21st in Newberg, and let me know your thoughts or look at the bottom of this newsletter under"Thoughts for Thatcher".

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3rd Time Is a Charm for CHL Privacy

After passing the Oregon House of Representatives in 2009 […2IOA=] and 2011 […PQx8=], a new state law to protect private information […Y9e7F

By Representative Kim Thatcher

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