Vote for BILL!!!

I’ve known Bill Post for close to five years. He is an honest, energetic, and humble person with a good heart and soul. He has served well as a check and balance within the "fourth branch" of government; holding lawmakers accountable, through his radio program, and bringing to light the otherwise obscured activities of state government.
Bill is also genuine. He is what I like to refer to as "salt of the earth." With him, what you see is what you get. In politics, that is unusual and refreshing. He doesn’t hide behind political correctness and isn’t afraid to speak up when he sees something that isn’t right. He holds nothing but good will towards all. However, some people choose to be put off by his transparency of thought, and will feign offense from something he may have said during his many hundreds of hours of broadcasting. Don’t let those people fool you. Bill is the right choice.
In addition to all the time he has spent on the air, Bill has spent many thousands of hours just listening to concerns of people from around the community and serving them through various forms of volunteer work. This experience will serve him well as he steps into the role of State Representative. He will continue to listen and speak up for his neighbors and work tirelessly to make this state a better place for all.
Bill Post will serve well the people of House District 25. I will be voting for him and I ask that you do too.

By Representative Kim Thatcher

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